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HillSide Church has a long history of faith-filled service to the community of Perth. Our history goes back over 75 years, seeing the Church formed in response to a tragedy that occurred in Forrestfield, when two young boys drowned in the area. This resulted in the commencement of a Youth Ministry which eventually became the establishment of a Baptist Church.

Many years later the Church experienced the emergence of a charismatic renewal which in turn, led to the formation of Forrestfield Bible Fellowship (FBF). Under the leadership of Pastor Fred Anderson, FBF went from strength to strength. Walridge Retirement Village (now Walridge Country Estate) was founded along with Forrestfield Christian School (now HillSide Christian College) in the 1970’s. The Church continued in its role of serving the local community and in the early nineties another name change occurred. Forrestfield Community Church reflected this desire to be a strong part of the Community under the then Senior Pastor, Richard Roy.  

In the late 90’s, Richard McAllister became Senior Pastor. Several years later we changed to our current name HillSide Church. HillSide Christian College and Walridge Country Estate have reached a new level of unprecedented growth and for over ten years, the Church also ran First Choice Employment services which ceased trading in 2010. In each case, God has blessed us with strong vision and successful development of the ministry arms of the church. More recently HillSide Church has also partnered with Tabor Bible College, who also share the Church Campus and facilities (Tabor remain independently operated.)

In 2014, Kerry Pearce became Senior Pastor at HillSide.

We are committed to partnering with other local Churches in a conscious effort to ensure the building up of the Body of Christ in our city. Additionally, HillSide has a significant missionary heart which covers local, national and international expressions.

Our Worship and teaching has a strong charismatic influence and HillSide Church is committed to:

PLANNING: to planning everything with faith and wisdom (Proverbs 16:3)

EQUIPPING: to equipping the saints for the work of the ministry (Ephesians 4:16)

DISCIPLING: to making disciples of our people  (Matthew 28:19)

TEACHING: to teaching the whole counsel of God (Acts 20:27)

COMMUNICATIONS: to communicating openly and effectively (Psalm 133:1)

PRAYER:  to prayer in everything (Philippians 4:6, 7)

COMMUNITY:  to serving our community and working with the Body of Christ (Luke 10:27)

MISSIONS/EVANGELISM:  to be Christ’s witnesses in all the earth (Acts 1:8)

RELATIONSHIPS:  to building Godly relationships (John 13:34)

If HillSide sounds like a Church you would like to visit or even consider making your home, we look forward to meeting you and making you welcome!

You can listen to some of our sermons online here >

Committed to Transformation, In Jesus' Name.


HillSide Church Community Outreach

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HillSide Christian College

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Walridge Country Estate

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