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Listen to messages recorded at HillSide Church in 2017. Click on the links below to listen.



Sunday 31st December
Let it Go!
Ps Kerry Pearce

Monday 25th December
Don't go anywhere - The Best is Yet to Come!
Ps Kerry Pearce

Sunday 24th December
Eye Test
Ps Craig Parker

Sunday 17th December
Everlasting Father
Ps Kerry Pearce

Sunday 10th December
Pursuing the King 
Ps Craig Parker

Sunday 3rd December
The God who Sends 
Ps James Goss


Sunday 26th November
Prophecy to your Brokenness 
Ps Steve Davis

Sunday 19th November
Power Transferred 
Ps Kerry Pearce

Sunday 12th November
Revive your Revelation
Ps Craig Parker


Sunday 5th November
The Power of Preaching 
Ps Kerry Pearce


Sunday 29th October
The Power of Prayer
Ps Kerry Pearce

Sunday 22nd October
Ps Candace Lahr

Sunday 15th October
The Power of the Word
Ps Kerry Pearce

Sunday 8th October
The Promise of a New Season
Ps Craig Parker

Sunday 1st October
Questions to Live By
Ps Chrissie Sleep


Sunday 24th September
Getting into the Right Position for Victory
Ps Alan Strudwick

Sunday 10th September
The Choice
David Bonanno

Sunday 3rd September
The Father's Heart
Ps Craig Parker


Sunday 27th August
Take Courage
Ps Chrissie Sleep

Sunday 20th August
The Empowered Life - Part 6 - Power to Pursuade
Ps Kerry Pearce

Sunday 13th August
The Empowered Life - Part 5 - Power Brings Boldness
Ps Kerry Pearce

Sunday 6th August
Praise and Worship - In Spirit and Truth
Ps Craig Parker


Sunday 30th July
Heather Clark

Sunday 23rd July
The Empowered Life - Part 4 - The Power to Succeed 
Ps Kerry Pearce

Sunday 16th July
The Kingdom - Tell it like it is 
Tim Hanna

Sunday 2nd July
Beautiful Shame 
Sally Pearce


Sunday 25th June
Live Transformed 
Ps Craig Parker

Sunday 18th June
R U OK? 
Ps Craig Parker

Sunday 11th June
The Empowered Life - Part 3 - The Power of Expectation 
Ps Kerry Pearce

Sunday 4th June
The Empowered Life - Part 2 - The Power of Purpose 
Ps Kerry Pearce


Sunday 28th May
The Empowered Life - Part 1 - The Power of Focus 
Ps Kerry Pearce

Sunday 14th May
Jesus can do your Dishes 
Ps Chrissie Sleep

Sunday 7th May
Truths we Believe - Part 8 - We Believe in Jesus coming again 
Ps Kerry Pearce


Sunday 30th April
Truths we Believe - Part 7 - We Believe in Sharing our Faith 
Ps Kerry Pearce

Sunday 23rd April
Truths we Believe - Part 6 - We Believe in the Church 
Ps Kerry Pearce

Friday 14th April
It Isn't Right! 
Ps Kerry Pearce

Sunday 9th April
It's High Time! 
Ps Russell Sage

Sunday 2nd April
Truths we Believe - Part 5 - We Believe in Salvation 
Ps Kerry Pearce


Sunday 26th March
A Reminder: Moses, Joseph and Zacchaeus
Ps Craig Parker

Sunday 19th March
Truths we Believe - Part 4 - The Bible is God's Word 
Ps Kerry Pearce

Sunday 12th March
Truths we Believe - Part 3 - God the Holy Spirit
Ps Kerry Pearce

Sunday 5th March
Truths we Believe - Part 2 - Jesus the Son of God
Ps Kerry Pearce


Sunday 26th February
Keys to Breakthrough
Ps Kyla Macdonald

Sunday 19th February
Truths we Believe - Part 1 - God the Father
Ps Kerry Pearce

Sunday 12th February
Vision Sunday - Where are we going 2017+
Ps Kerry Pearce

Sunday 5th February
Say what God says
Ps Rob Scott


Sunday 29th January
Jason Armstrong

Sunday 22nd January
Ps Craig Parker

Sunday 15th January
4 Foundations
Tristian Dall

Sunday 8th January
Earning to Give. Earning to Live?
Lance Staer

Sunday 1st January
New Shoes for a New Year
Ps Kyla Macdonald


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